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Building Rituals and Routine, Writing Personal Narratives: Week of September 24


This week we have been building rituals and routines to establish an effective reading workshop.  We’ve been focusing on having meaningful conversations about the texts we are reading together and independently.  Students have also been working on responding in a meaningful way by writing about their reading in their reading notebook.  Ask to see your child’s reading notebook!  Students took the reading MAP test on Friday.  Some students are still finishing up the test.  I will use the results to help determine which students need further assessment, to group students for guided reading, as well as to help guide students toward selecting appropriate level books.


In writing this week, we have begun our first unit called “Raising the Quality of Personal Narrative.”  Last year, Geneva fourth graders got extensive instruction in personal narrative and this unit builds on that learning.  We spent time this week reading several published personal narratives.  We call these “mentor texts” because they serve as writing mentors to us all.  Please find two personal narratives, “Eleven” and “Papa Who Wakes Up Tired in the Dark”, both by Sandra Cisneros linked below.  We have read and analyzed these texts in class.  We have worked together to notice moves that Cisneros makes to craft effective personal narratives.

It may be interesting for parents to read through this narrative developmental continuum to see the characteristics of narrative writers at different stages of development.


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