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Personal Narrative Scoring Rubric DRAFT

The scoring criteria for the personal narrative below is based on fifth grade end-of-year writing benchmarks for narrative from David Matteson and Associates, copyright 2011.
Has a wide range of topics to write about.


Thinks about the purpose of the personal narrative and uses purpose to structure a plan.


Plot develops the theme or SO WHAT? of the narrative.


Writes 4-5 fully developed paragraphs to produce a well-organized piece with a strong beginning, middle, and end.


Considers audience when telling the story.


Adjusts style, point of view, and biases to suit different purposes and to impact audience.


Rereads to determine if text is expressive and engaging for audience.


Adds, cuts, rewords, and rearranges as needed to create a piece that impacts audience and purpose.


Proofreads for spelling, grammar, and punctuation.


Uses knowledge of spelling conventions, exceptions, and word origins.


Uses a variety of punctuation.


Uses simple and complex sentence structures.


Uses transitional words and phrases to sequence events.


Begins to develop character traits; distinguishes characters from one another at a basic level.


Uses dialogue with a variety of tags.


Uses figurative language (simile, metaphor, and other literary devices).


Varies vocabulary for interest, accuracy, and precision.


Uses appropriate subject/verb and noun/pronoun agreements.


Uses a consistent point of view. (First or third person, depending on audience.)


Projects a personal style that is clearly the writer’s own.



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