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Personal Narrative

The personal narratives have been published and we wanted to share a few here on the blog just to show off the amazing work the students have done.  Without further ado…

How My Cat Had To Go To The E.R.

By Eve

It was a normal Monday night and we were eating dinner, getting ready to go to volleyball when all a sudden I heard a horrible, meowing screech and my cat Mbili came running inside so fast he was a blur. All I could see was his black fur and blood. He went flying up the stairs and hid. We searched frantically for him and finally I found him under my parents’ bed. He had a big, bloody, gaping wound, with his skin opened up so far you could see his muscles. I was so sad, worried, and scared when I saw him, because he is my little baby. I’ve had him since I was six and he means the world to me. I couldn’t imagine what I would do if he died. In order to explain the whole story to you I need to back up a few days and explain how it started.

Back on Thursday last week is when it all began. We heard meowing coming from outside and so we all rushed outside to see what was wrong. We found Mbili and noticed that he had a patch where he didn’t have hair. We figured it was because he was fighting with another cat. We thought he was ok but we later found out that he wasn’t.

The next night on Friday we heard another animal cry so we hurried outside to see if our cats were ok. Mbili came right inside when we came so we thought he was ok, but when we went back inside we saw that he was actually hurt; he had a bite on the spot where he lost hair and his skin was bleeding there. We knew he was a little hurt but we didn’t think it was that bad.

Then on Monday, the day it all happened, my mom and I heard meowing again so we went down the street to investigate. I heard meowing and fighting again so I went into the woods where I heard it come from and I saw Mbili and another black cat were fighting. I screamed at the top of my lungs so they would stop. Mbili ran away and the black cat ran past me.  I tried to find Mbili because I saw hair on the ground next to where they were fighting. I was worried that he could have been hurt, but I couldn’t find him. Later that day at like 5:00 during our dinner, Mbili came home and he had the big bloody gash and it was so bad you could see all the way down to his muscle. It freaked me out when I saw it. I wanted to strangle that other cat for beating up my baby. I burst into tears because I was so worried about him. My mom and sister had to take him to the animal E.R. to get stitches while my dad took me to my volleyball game. I wondered how long he would be there.  I felt worried when I had to leave because I didn’t know what they would have to do to him. I wondered how much pain he was in.  Although I would have liked to have been with him, it was nice to have a distraction.

Later that night when my mom and sister got home they told me he needed surgery because the first bite he got gave him an infection under his skin called an abscess, and it burst. The doctor needed to cut off a bunch off his dead, infected skin too. He also had a tube draining out all the pus from his infection. They had to shave off a bunch of his hair around it. The night he got back he was on anesthesia because of the surgery and he was acting like he was all drunk, whacking into walls and things and walking all weird. I wondered what it would feel like. He also had to have a cone on and he couldn’t see it on himself so he was whacking into things, poor kitty. The cone also prevented him from licking himself and he really likes to lick himself a lot. He’s usually a pretty kitty. Mbili needed someone to watch over him that night. He looked pretty creepy when he came home and I didn’t want to be the only one sleeping with him because it felt like a big responsibility to take care of him all by myself. I had my dad stay with me in my room to watch him. I hardy got any sleep that night.

Mbili has to have the stitches on for a couple weeks like 2-3 weeks. The tubes only had to be in for a few days. Oh and did I tell you his stitches are purple!?!? We have to keep our cats inside because of the stitches and we don’t want them to get hurt again. They hate being inside. A lot! We have had to lock them in the bathroom all day because they kept trying to sneak out. Mbili actually tricked us, he laid around all day and then when we opened the door, he sprang out! What a sneaky cat.  Luckily he was only out for a half hour. This whole thing was scary but thankfully both of my kitties are going to be okay. It does make me wonder though, what my kitties do all day when they are outside.


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