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A Visit from Grace: Personal Narrative

A Visit From Grace

by Sophie

        One day, like every other day, at the end of the school day, my mom picked me up.  Today, my mom took me to the donut store.  I was trying to tell my mom what I did in school that day and for some reason she seemed to be rushing me.  I started getting really angry and mad and felt the anger swelling up in me.  I was kind of spanking my mom as we were walking up to the donut store.  My mom was pointing at a white car in the parking lot and said, “look at that odd car”.  I kept looking at the car and something looked very familiar about the car, but I couldn’t tell what it was. 


      The back door of the car started to open, my heart was pumping and I felt myself swelling up with tears of joy.  There sitting inside the car was my best friend in the whole entire world, Grace.  I ran faster than I thought possible and I jumped into the car on top of her.  I hugged her for what felt like half an hour.  I was so filled with joy and the feeling of butterflies fluttering in my tummy.  I was struck dumb by this surprise.


     Our families walked into the donut store together and my mom gave me the great news that Grace gets to come to our house and sleep over.  I was also going t o get to miss school and stay home with Grace the next day.  I was as happy as a clam and bubbling over with glee.  We ate our donuts and visited with Grace’s two baby twin brothers.  They looked a lot like Grace.  They had big bubbly eyes and curious joyous smiles.


     As we were driving home with Grace, she pulled out her Kindle Fire and showed me a game called Angry Squirells.  When we got to my house I was sparkling and I was so happy and excited.  Everything you could say to describe happy, I went NUTS!

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