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The Cliff: Personal Narrative


By Skyler

It was a beautiful day in Hawaii with the sun blazing down on us, my two cousins and my uncle maurie with his girlfriend Courtney. We were going up mount kamaia. We all started up the the wet glistening gravel to the top. The sun was still blazing down on us and I was thinking to myself please rain. I looked up and I saw a rain cloud a grey gloomy cloud heading this way. My uncle said that there was no hope, because it would take over two hours.

Next we kept walking for a bit then I could see a faint image. I saw a gorgeous waterfall with the glare of the sun and it exploding when it gets to the bottom. I wanted to just sprint towards it, but yet I was so tired I could not run.

Finally I asked my uncle if we could just sit for just two seconds. My uncle said ok. He counted to two 1, 2 come on. When we were about a few meters away from the waterfall, it was about 100ft high. My cousin Lauren said isn’t that a pretty sight almost like my shoes, my uncle interrupted and said, alright let’s go up. When I looked up to see the water fall I saw the rain clouds coming in closer. Then I thought it was definitly going to rain. My uncle said come on we are burning day light. My uncle really liked to get things done fast. But he was right if we did not it would not be pretty. When we got three quarters of the way up we could see all over the island.

When we were at the top you could actually see the rain about a half a mile away and coming fast too fast then it was right down on us.  It was really heavy when we started down, but the dirt path I guess the rain had made the ground really muddy and slippery. Suddenly my uncle and two cousins slipped and fell. We all got our clips and ropes tied the rope to the clip and clipped us to the rocks side. We started going down when we heard SNAP , my wire was snapping I slipped and fell and grabbed onto the railing I was hanging over the 100ft cliff I thought to myself I am going to die I am going to die. I felt a jolt it was my uncle he said grab my hand. I could see the fear in his eye. My two cousins rushed to get there to help .I could here Lauren saying if only there was a super mall here. I looked down to the rapids of the water. Then I could feel this slipping, my uncle had let go. I felt like Jake in avatar falling from the helicopter in slomo. I clasped my grip onto a ledge and started pulling myself up my uncle and my two cousins pulled me up. Lauren started talking about the super mall thing again. My cousin interrupted and said now is not the time to talk about that. When I got up I sat there in shock. We started down then my cousin Maryna slipped and did the exact thing I did. In my head I was thinking here we go again but anyway my cousin got up. When we got down Lauren said she would never climb a mountain again. Then the rain had stopped  finally everything was back the way it was with the sun blazing down on us. I asked if anyone was up for ice cream. They all replied really now you are bringing that up now. Then I had just remembered I was still thirsty.


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