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Where We Are: Realistic Fiction

As we break for the Thanksgiving holiday, here is where we stand in our realistic fiction project:

We have covered the following territory:

  • Created lists of possible ideas to include in realistic fiction
  • Looked at blurbs on the back of novels to uncover ideas for fiction
  • “Thought on Paper” about what we wanted out stories to become
  • Defined characters for our stories and wrote about the motivations and struggles the characters face
  • Created a Visual Portrait of a Story (VPS)…(see sidebar)

Next steps include intensive work on the following mechanical issues that came up in the last assessment:

  • How to punctuate dialogue correctly (see sidebar)
  • Paragraphing (!)…students should not only be writing in paragraphs but THINKING in paragraphs at this point!
  • Incorporating complex sentences into our writing (this is a huge concept and will take years to master, but we begin with small steps…)

We aim to publish on December 5 and the final assessment will take place on or around December 6.

There is no official writing homework over the break but students are more than welcome to work on their first draft.  With paragraphs.  Please.


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