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"Yeah, I've seen those things they think are gnomes," said Ron, bent double with his head in a peony bush, "like fat little Santa Clauses with fishing rods…” -JK Rowling

Dreaming the Dream of the Story

This week we have been working furiously on personal narrative. We’ve discussed several techniques for generating personal narrative ideas including thinking of a person or place that matters, reading a mentor text, as well as others. Students have all these strategies recorded in their writer’s notebooks. Parents are invited to look at them and talk with students about them and the ideas they spark.

We’ve been working really hard to “dream the dream of the story” which means putting your mind into the place and the time the story happened and trying to tell the story from inside the “character’s skin”. Taking an important moment or memory and SHOWING why it is important instead of just saying, “it was so fun,” is a huge challenge that we will continue to tackle all year.

Please read Jaden’s introduction below for an example of the kind of work we are striving to create:



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