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"Yeah, I've seen those things they think are gnomes," said Ron, bent double with his head in a peony bush, "like fat little Santa Clauses with fishing rods…” -JK Rowling

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Editing conferences

Students are using their editing checklists, colored markers, critical thinking and lots of patience!   

Students are teaching each other about publishing choices. 


Writing About Reading

Ava discusses theme, uses evidence including accurate quotes, and restates her claim at the end!

Writing About Reading

Eva analyzes parts of the story in relation to the whole and supports it with text evidence including accurate quotes! Notice how she keeps her goal in mind as she thinks and writes!

Gnomes Know

Literary Essays

Digital Literacy

Educause Review, March/April 2016


2015-2016 is underway. We’ve been discussing how we practice respect, responsibility, safety and compassion.  



We were inspired by Henri Matisse’s cut-outs. At the end of his life, Matisse was very ill, but found a way to create. He “drew with scissors”.



Transitions for Opinion Writing

Ways to Begin and End Essays

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